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top quality irrigation products

East Coast Irrigation only uses top quality products with every sprinkler system.

That means every sprinkler system gets installed with some of the most recognized names in the world such as Hunter, Irritrol, Rain Bird and Toro. So many factors go into installing a sprinkler system and you need to know that your sprinkler system will stand up to all conditions over many years, all the while taking care of the investment in your landscape.

East Coast Irrigation is experienced in residential irrigation systems as well as commercial irrigation systems. We know which products will perform best in low pressure areas as well as areas that water pressure needs to be controlled. Whatever your sprinkler needs are, East Coast Irrigation can deliver with unsurpassed quality and experience.

As you decide to install a sprinkler system, East Coast Irrigation understands that it is an investment, and that is why you deserve value and confidence that your irrigation system will take care of your property over time. We will help you every step of the way making sure your property is maintained throughout the year.


Hunter Industries

hunter irrigation mpr40All of Hunter’s products, whether it be controllers, sprinklers or sensors, will help you design the most efficient irrigation system possible.

What sets Hunter apart is their PGP rotator head which is designed to keep all grass and debris out of the hunter quality valvessprinkler head. This way you can have more confidence that the heads are doing their job. Wasting water is an important factor when it comes to sprinkler systems and Hunter products are known to make use or a high percentage of all water that is pumped through the irrigation system , cutting down on the amount of waste.

Hunter controllersVersatility is also an added feature with Hunter products because they have a wide range of residential and commercial systems. This gives flexibility in the type of configuration that should be installed. Some heads can be placed 15 feet apart and others can be placed 80 feet apart, depending on the size and design of the landscape.

Hunter has a great reputation in the world of irrigation, which is why East Coast Irrigation has decided to offer it to customers. Once a Hunter sprinkler system is in place, you will be able to make use of new and innovative products, such as rain sensors to prevent flooding, while enjoying the great results it produces.


Irritrol Irrigation Systems

Irritrol sprinkler system valvesIrritrol is a leading sprinkler system company when it comes to innovation and cutting edge technology. East Coast Irrigation uses Irritrol timers and controllers in most of their sprinkler systems, depending on the configuration.

Irritrol timer

Irritrol is known for its reliability over the years and today has over 40 models on the market to choose from. This means any sprinkler system can be configured with Irritrol irrigation products.

The revolutionary product which takes water conservation to a higher level, is the RainSensor series. No more will your sprinkler turn on during a rain storm because Irritrol sensors will shut the system off when it detects the amount of water already present in the ground. This prevents flooding which also causes fungi to grow in moist grassy areas. A drop in temperature will also be detected by the sensors, preventing freezing.


Toro & Rain Bird Garden Mist Sprinklers

Rain Bird spray sprinkler systemRain Bird and Toro make excellent garden mist sprinkler heads that are conveniently used in smaller areas of the landscape as well as for flower beds and shrubs. They are designed to deliver a uniform spray pattern so the lawn consistently stays green. Wind resistance is also a key factor for garden mist sprinklers. Larger water droplets as part of the Rain Curtain technology, prevents misting and airborne evaporation. When the right amount of water is delivered to the right place, it saves water and money.


Oil Creek Piping & Direct Burial Irrigation Wire

Oil Creek sprinkler pipesOil Creek is well known in the industry to make top quality irrigation piping that will last for many years. When determining “friction loss” it is important to use larger piping to ensure consistent water pressure, as measured in gallons per minute. Many companies will try to save a few dollars and use smaller piping that sacrifices the efficiency of the entire sprinkler system. By preventing friction loss, the system will maintain proper pressure and continue running properly.

direct burial wire‘Direct Burial’ multi-strand irrigation wire which is recognized by its black casing, is the best in the industry and used on all East Coast Irrigation installations. Unfortunately, irrigation contractors can be found using beige or brown thermostat wire, which will only result in additional service calls by your sprinkler contractor.


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